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Dr. Shilpy Dolas- Breast Specialist in Pune

Are you trying to find one of the best Breast Specialist in Punewith the help of which you can get rid of all kinds of  breast problems? in a search of Breast clinic in Pune, If you said yes, then here we are going to discuss about – 

Dr. Shilpy Dolas

she is one of the leading Breast Doctor . If you are trying to find a surgeon who deals with all kinds of breast-related issues with advanced ways of treating, then the best name that can be suggested is hers.  

She offers specialized and expert treatment under Breast Cancer Surgeries, Breast Reconstruction and Oncoplastic Breast Surgeries. There are several other surgeries in which she deals, that include Cosmetic Breast Surgeries, Breast Augmentation and Reduction, Male Breast Surgery, Aesthetic Breast Surgery.

More about Dr. Shilpy Dolas..

Let us now have a look at her qualification details -

Dr Shilpy Dolas

Fellowships completed by Dr. Shilpy Dolas

You would feel great and proud to hear that Dr. Shilpy Dolas is 2nd certified breast Surgeon all over India who completed University recognised two years fellowship in breast diseases and cancer from Mazumder Shaw Cancer center in 2011.


Moreover, she became the first person from South India that got her training in Vacuum Assisted Biopsy procedures and also won the first best paper prize for the same.

After that she completed Union of International Cancer Control (UICC) fellowship in surgical oncology from TATA memorial hospital.


Dr. Dolas didn’t Stop there. To expand her knowledge in this subspecialty and completed her international fellowship in breast Cancer, reconstruction and aesthetic breast surgeries from Germany.

She has got exclusive experience in all types of breast surgeries since 2010.

She is India’s one of the first lady who has chosen breast subspecialty as a carrier and became a certified breast doctor to serve her country.
She is also a fellowship and teacher since 2013.
Dr. Shilpy has got more than 10 international and national paper publications in peer reviewed journals.
An editor of “Journal of young medical researchers”

A lady who carried out multiple awards for serving population by conducting camps and CME.

Not only that, she also got an award with the fellowship degree in Breast diseases from Karnataka University. In a very early age immediately after MS General Surgery she showed interest in very rare upcoming branch of breast oncoplastic surgery and became one of the first certified lady breast surgeon.

There are several advanced procedures in which Dr. Shilpy Dolas is expertise -

Breast lumps treatment
Nipple discharge
Breast cancer treatment
Breast Abscess
Modified Radical mastectomy
Breast cnservation surgeries
Breast Oncoplasty
Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy
Wire Guided Lesion Localisation
Evaluation of treatment of breast cancer
Breast reduction
Granulomatous mastitis

Ultrasound-guided truct biopsies and VAB (vaccum assisted biopsies)

Breast augmentation
Breast implant
Developmental breast problems
Cosmetic breast issues Hormonal breast issues

(breast pain,fibroadenosis, fibroadenomas etc..)

Male breast reduction
Gynaecomastia surgery
Breast lift and mastopexy

What Patients Says

Very good breast doctor. Thank you doctor. Recommend her for all breast problems and breast cancer treatment. 😊

Swati Shirodkar


She is a very good specialized breast doctor in pune. Got cured by her for breast lumps. Thanks Dr shilpy.

Aishwarya Bhosle


My aunt took treatment under her.she is diagnosed with breast cancer .doctor shilpy performed her surgery .happy with her surgery and treatment .thank u so much doctor.

Prashant Tamakar


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Dr. Shilpy Dolas

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