Alarming Signs About Breast Cancer

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Alarming Signs About Breast Cancer

Things You Must Teach Your Daughters About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a form of cancer that is very common with young girls. It starts when breast cells start rising out of balance. Breast cancer is more prevalent in women, but it is also possible for men to develop breast cancer.

We live in a country where proper education is not provided to girls, and that is the primary reason that young girls get affected by this cancer.

The only way in which one can save themselves from breast cancer is by staying vigilant and proactive about the causes, gins, and symptoms of this disease.

Alarming Signs About Breast Cancer

Alarming Signs about Breast Cancer by Breast Cancer Specialist in Pune.

Dr. Shilpy Dolas came forward with some alarming facts about this cancer that all young women must be aware of:

  • In India, breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer among
  • Across all cities throughout India, breast cancer accounts for 25 to 32 percent of female cancers.
  • India also holds the record of most deaths of females due to breast cancer, and the number is not small It states around 70,182 women have lost their lives because of this disease in India.
  • The high mortality rate is induced by a lack of knowledge and monitoring and treatment time.
  • More than 50 percent of India’s breast cancer patients suffer from stage 3 and stage 4, where survival rates are exceedingly
  • After every 15 minutes, a woman loses her life because of breast

 Alarming Signs About Breast Cancer

  • Breast cancer patients are at higher risk for osteoporosis, according to the National Institute of
  • The primary reason behind the growth of this disease is the lack of education in women of India

Treatment of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can be avoided, and it is also curable, as told by a Breast Cancer Specialist in Pune. All you need to do is to care about hygiene, and you can stay away from this deadly disease.

You must visit a Breast Surgeon in Pune if you notice any lumps or any unusual discharge from your breast.

One must be aware of the fact that early treatment of Breast cancer is possible, but if not treated on time, it can become the worst nightmare.

Let’s talk about this issue more and more and spread awareness about breast cancer amongst women. Educate the ones we love and inform the ones who are a part of our circle so that we can give a good fight to this disease.

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