Top Alarming Symptoms of Breast Cancer

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Over the last few years, there has been a rise in cancer incidences in India. It is the result of various reasons such as lifestyle change, addiction to harmful substances, aging, and food habits are certainly important causes.

India will reach 1.2 million new patients fighting with cancer and approximately 2.2  million survivors, according to the latest Globocon data. There is quite a difference in the pattern of cancer in males and

In a male, the most common forms of cancer are oral, lung, and lip, whereas, in the female, the most common forms are cervix, breast, and oral cancers.

Dr. Shilpy Dolas is a Breast Cancer Specialist in Pune in the following blog she has guided in creating awareness about breast cancer

Top Alarming Symptoms of Breast Cancer | Dr. Shilpy Dolas


How can awareness help to fight cancer?

People are unaware of the early symptoms of cancer and its signs. Moreover, people have lots of taboo related to cancer, which prohibits them from coming for treatment.

If cancer is detected in the right stage, then not only is treatment possible, it can completely be cured with proper guidance.

Survival rate

Early diagnosis and proper treatment of cancer increase the survival rate from cancer. It has been found that most of the Indian population comes for treatment at an advanced stage when cancer has spread to other vital organs.

Late prognosis and the start of treatment reduce the chance of survival. Whenever you find any alarming symptom, consult with an oncologist for further diagnosis and evaluation.

Alarming early symptoms of breast cancer

Top Alarming Symptoms of Breast Cancer | Dr. Shilpy Dolas


The first and foremost sign-on breast cancer is the discovery of a lump. The lump can be painless, and you might ignore it at first. The lump in your breast can be harmless; however, you must get it checked by a physician. As sooner you find out the cause of the lump, the easier it will be to treat it.

Pain in breast

There can be a usual pain in your breast, which could be regular aches, or it could an alarming sign of cancer. Therefore, it is important that if your pain remains for a longer period without any injury, it is not normal.

Prolonged pain should be checked with a physician as early as possible, and the same is also applicable for your nipple area pain. However, breast pain can be due to several reasons like fluctuation of hormones, ill-fitted bra, certain birth control pills, development of cysts in breasts, etc.

Discharge from nipples

Nipples are a type of valve which helps babies to drink milk. The milk will flow freely when babies suck, or it may flow automatically when the breasts are full of milk. Despite this, nipples shouldn’t have any kind of discharge other than the release of milk. Any experience of such discharge should be immediately taken into consideration and checked by an oncologist.


Breasts are quite similar in size, with one breast often slightly larger. The alarming sign is when one of the breasts gets suddenly swollen for no reason than the other. In such a scenario, you shouldn’t waste your time and immediately consult a doctor as early diagnosis will save you from pain and discomfort.

Change in overall appearance

The breasts remain the same in appearance once they are developed, apart from aging. Any physical change in the appearance of the breasts, which includes size and shape is another alarming sign of breast cancer. It is best to

consult with a doctor and find out the real cause behind the issue as being late can affect your health.

Flaking skin

The skin of your breast areola is quite soft and smooth. As the skin of the areola didn’t face any kind of friction other than ill-fitted bras. If you experience flaky, scaly, or rough skin texture on that part, it may be due to breast cancer. Therefore, you must check with your doctor if your experience changes in the skin texture of the areola. Maybe the change skin is nothing but an unusual skin issue, but it is better to stay aware.

Increasing fear of cancer lead to mastectomies or Double mastectomies

Increasing fear among women who are at high risk of developing cancer. A double-mastectomy may protect you from developing cancer. There is a high risk of getting breast cancer in terms of genetic mutation, and a double mastectomy may protect you from it.

Why women choose mastectomies?

Many women undergo the surgery to look good as they feel with one breast surgery; they will look out of balance. Following the operation, patients can opt for plastic surgery to reconstruct their breasts and look perfect like before.

Top factors associated with breast cancer

  • Reasons for benign breast lumps

There could be several reasons behind breast lumps, and this includes breast infection, fibroadenoma, fibrocystic breast disease, and fat necrosis. While fat necrosis and a cancerous lump can be difficult to distinguish without a biopsy. Painless lumps can be one of the most common symptoms.

●    Late signs of breast cancer

While the early signs have been discussed above, the late signs include inward turning of the nipple; an existing lump may get bigger, dimpling of the surface

of the breast, orange peel of the texture of the skin, unintentional weight loss, visible veins on the breast.

META Information

The symptoms may vary, and having one or more of the symptoms mentioned above doesn’t mean that you have breast cancer. Timely identification and diagnosis help in letting you out of cancer. A mammogram is an X-ray of the breast which helps in identifying the difference between a malignant and benign mass of cancer; this test would be recommended by your oncologist along with an MRI scan to get a non-invasive image to examine the breast tissue.

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