Debunking Myths About Breast Cancer

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Debunking Myths About Breast Cancer with a Breast Doctor in Pune

Breast cancer can hit anyone and at any age. It is a significant disease in India with deadly effects. Indian women are still not aware of it entirely and have a lot of myths in their minds about it.


Let’s read about some myths about breast cancer debunked by Breast Doctor in Pune that one must stay far away from:


Every lump is cancer.

No, not at all. Every lump found in your breast is not identified as cancer. 8 out of 10 lumps come and go on time and are not at all cancerous.


Cancer can affect only at a specific age.

Cancer has no time limit and can occur at any age. It can grab you anytime. Girls between 20 to 45 years of age are most likely to have this disease.


I cannot have breast cancer.

No matter how hygienic you are or how safe you stay, this disease can affect you at any time. The only way to prevent it is by remaining vigilant and proactive with your health check-ups.

Breast cancer myths | Dr. Shilpy Dolas 

We know what causes breast cancer.

Like Really? Even a Breast Cancer Specialist is not sure about what causes cancer. We’re not sure exactly what triggers breast cancer. There are, however, well-known risk factors. The two most significant considerations are while a girl attains puberty or when a woman crosses the age of 30.


Many identified risk factors include recently diagnosed breast cancer in the same or both breast, a clear family history of breast cancer, early starting of menstrual cycle before age 12, late menopause after age 55, not having children or raising the first child after the age of 30, long-term usage of hormone replacement therapy, obese or overweight, particularly after menopause.


I don’t have a family history, so I am safe.

Dr. Shilpy Dolas is a Breast doctor in Pune, she informed that this is the biggest myth about breast cancer. Several aspects decide how breast cancer progresses. These are identified, although there might be specific causes that might not be clear to the scientific profession.

Though genetics play a key role in deciding a person’s vulnerability to breast cancer, it is not the sole determining factor. Environmental influences have a significant impact on a person. Cosmetic parabens correlate with breast cancer.


Now that we have cleared a lot of myths about breast cancer, it is advised you follow them and be proactive towards your health check-ups.

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