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How can surgery help in dealing with Breast Cancer?

Women suffering from breast cancer have to undergo some type of surgery as a part of the treatment method. There are different options for breast cancer surgery, and they are done for different reasons, depending on the issue detected.

Surgery options for breast cancer-

What are the Breast Cancer Surgery Options? | Dr. Shilpy Dolas

Lumpectomy: In this procedure, the Breast Surgeon will cut in the tumor and remove nearby healthy tissues in order to be sure that cancer does not spread any further to the healthy cells post-surgery. This procedure is done for small tumors. Lumpectomy+ axillary clearance is a breast conservation surgery in order to save the breast.


Mastectomy: In this procedure, all the breast tissues are removed. It includes the lobules, fatty tissues, ducts, areola, and nipple. If it’s a skin-sparing mastectomy procedure, the whole-breast skin, except the nipple and areola is protected making the reconstruction procedure easy.


Sentinel node biopsy: The sentinel lymph nodes are the first place where cancer starts to spread. A breast surgeon suggests a node biopsy if cancer has spread further to the lymph nodes. If no mark of cancer cells is found in the node, then more nodes need to be removed for biopsy.


Removal of breasts: Women who have been diagnosed with cancer in one breast often choose to remove both breasts so as to avoid further risk of cancer spread. If there is a family history of breast cancer, then the chances increase of breast cancer in women. The statistics also show that if a person is detected with cancer in one breast, there are no chances of development in other breasts.


Breast Oncoplastic Surgeries: This procedure is done when cancer-affected breast tissue is removed with the maintenance of the Aesthetic outcome of the breast with help of rotation of breast tissue or local or distant flap.


Breast Reconstruction Surgery: In this procedure, a new breast is created with the help of implants, flaps, fat grafting, and microvascular flaps.


Therapeutic mammoplasty: Is a procedure where breast cancer is removed with a reduction of huge or gigantic Breast. It is a combination of breast oncoplastic surgery with reduction mammoplasty.


Radiation Therapy: In this process, a high-powered beam of energy is pointed towards the cancer cells to kill them. The procedure is usually done after lumpectomy. There are 2 types of radiations: external beam and brachytherapy. Radiation therapy also has some side effects: Fatigueness, Hairfall, Loss of appetite, and Rashes.


Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is a treatment procedure for cancer. This treatment is often recommended before breast surgery to reduce the size of the tumor or restrict the growth of cells. Chemotherapy given before surgery is called neoadjuvant chemotherapy and when it is given after surgery it is called adjuvant chemotherapy.


Hormone therapy: This procedure is used to treat cancers having hormonal sensitivity. It can be used pre and post-surgery to ensure that the cancer cells do not reoccur. Some treatment methods in this include medication that stops the hormones from getting appended to the cancer cells by restricting the body to produce estrogen post-menopause. 



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