Do’s and Don’ts after breast augmentation surgery for quicker recovery

February 12, 2021 Dr. Shilpy Dolas No comments exist

Before going to breast augmentation surgery, you should know everything about its results and recovery experiences. Talk with your breast surgeon about your concerns regarding the recovery period.

Do’s and Don’ts that will help recovery following Breast Augmentation surgery:

  1. Do take proper rest

After breast augmentation surgery, take proper rest for 2 weeks. It will help to quicker healing. Don’t go for marathons at least for the first few weeks after breast augmentation surgery. Also, don’t do strenuous exercise until your breast surgeon gives permission. Gradually increase your activity level by asking your doctor if he or she believes you’re ready for your more arduous workouts or daily activities.

  1. Don’t ignore pain and nausea after surgery

It is normal to have nausea and pain after breast augmentation surgery. But if you manage them well, your recovery will be smoother. Of course, extreme pain and nausea can be a warning sign, so always keep your medical team in the loop and seek immediate medical attention if this is extreme or if you or your care-team is concerned.

  1. Do follow instructions given by the surgeon for caring of wounds

Depending on the surgery you have had done, you will have an incision that will need to be cared for. For the first week, all dressings remain intact. After one week, dressing is taken down. Do a check-up of your wounds at the one-week postoperative appointment. Your doctor will then guide you on how to manage and care for these wounds to get the best healing outcome and the best scar result.

  1. Don’t wear your regular bras after you get breast implant surgery

After breast augmentation surgery, wear different support as you recover from your surgical procedure, and the point of surgery forward to best maintain your breast enlargement results over time.

Surgeons may recommend special medical garments for you to wear that will speed recovery time, reduce swelling and help make you more comfortable as you heal. Don’t use underwire bras for the first 12 weeks.

Wear a sports bra all the time to keep your breasts supported for the best long-term breast augmentation surgery results.

Follow your Surgeon’s instructions for caring for your ‘new’ breasts after breast augmentation surgery.

  1. Do eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of fluids

Follow instructions regarding the diet given by your surgeon. A balanced diet with plenty of fluids is the key to a quick recovery.

  1. Do expect pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight changes to impact your breast surgery results

If you get pregnant or do breastfeed, lose or gain a lot of weight, don’t wear the right support bras – or go through other significant events – your results are very likely to change over time.

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