Facts and Myths About Breast Cancer

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Facts and Myths About Breast Cancer

Often people mix up with facts and myths about breast cancer until they experience it by themselves or they are close to someone who has it. Breast cancer is well known and more talked about cancer topic, but there are still many misunderstandings about it.

Let’s clear out a few facts and myths about breast cancer:

MYTH: If there is no family history of breast cancer, I won’t get it.

FACT: People diagnosed with breast cancer have no identified family history.

Facts and Myths about Breast Cancer

Many of them think that breast cancer is an inheritable disease. But there are hardly 5-10% chances for breast cancer being hereditary. The majority of people who suffer from breast cancer have no family history, there are other considerable factors like working environment and lifestyle.

MYTH: If you manage a healthy weight, workout regularly, eat healthy food, and limit alcohol consumption, then you don’t have to worry about breast cancer.

FACT: These behaviors can help you to lower the breast cancer risk, they cannot eliminate it.

This is something doctors hear from patients being newly diagnosed. Well even if you follow a healthy work style, there is evidence that all of these behaviors can only help lower your risk of breast cancer. There is no guarantee you’ll never get this disease. 

There are also examples of women who follow a healthy routine and yet end up suffering from breast cancer.

MYTH: Using underarm antiperspirants/ deodorants can cause breast cancer.

FACT: There is no proof found for a connection between antiperspirant/ deodorants and breast cancer, but the safety of antiperspirants is still being studied.

Facts and Myths about Breast Cance

There have been rumors that chemicals found in deodorants and antiperspirants enter the skin and cause breast cells to change leading to cancer. As far as the research till date, there is no link between deodorant/antiperspirants use and breast cancer risk.

MYTH: Doing annual mammograms guarantees you that breast cancer will be found early.

FACT: Although mammography is the best tool to detect early breast cancer but the fact is it doesn’t always find breast cancer at an early stage.

A mammography is a good tool for screening breast cancer, but sometimes it can return a false-negative result, which means the images look normal even if the cancer is present. Mammography does detect most breast cancers and performing it annually is good.

It’s important to follow the rule of thumb which is as follows:


Breast Examination

 After the age of 20 Every month Self Breast examination must be done.
 After the age of 30 Clinical Breast examination by a Breast Specialist must be done every year.
 After the age of 40 Mammogram and co-related clinical breast examination to detect mammogram missed findings. This is to be done once in a year regularly.

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