Nipple Discharge Treatment in Pune

Nipple Discharge Treatment in Pune 

Talking about Nipple Discharge Treatment in Pune. Dr. Shilpy Dolas will explain that In the nipple discharge, a form of liquid comes out of the nipple where you have to squeeze the nipple to get the liquid fluid to come out. It is a widespread process in the reproductive years of women, whether women are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Generally, nipple discharge is noticed in the morning hours.mostly person notices stain over the bra or cloth. if it is bloody or clear which can be one of the signs for breast cancer. So, it will be worthwhile to consult the doctor once about it. According to Dr Dolas Nipple Discharge Treatment in Pune is possible but first we should know about it in detail.The nipple discharge can be of a different color. The color of the nipple discharge helps to provide the clue about the reason.

  •  Greenish nipple discharge indicates possibility of a cyst. 
  • Brown color nipple discharge indicates about the breast or nipple infection.
  • Clear nipple discharge specially from a duct alone needs to be addressed due to relation with Breast Cancer .
  • Milky nipple discharge is related with breastfeeding or disturbed prolactin levels, or Pitutary Tumor.
  • Brownish or cheesy nipple discharge due to blocked lactiferous or milk duct , or chronic mastitis.
  • Red colour or bloody nipple discharge is mostly because of Intraductal Papilloma and Breast Cancer. 

Nipple discharge can be of different textures as it may be thick, sticky, or thin. 

Some of the symptoms of nipple discharge are-

  • breast pain
  • redness
  • fever
  • a lump in the breast
  • swelling, change in breast size, etc. 

Cause of Nipple Discharge: 

Several causes are related to nipple discharge. The intake of birth control pills can cause nipple discharge that should be avoided. Several breast infections can cause nipple discharge. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding can suffer from nipple discharge as it is a common phenomenon for them, and nothing is serious about it. Someone who has breast cancer can have nipple discharge for which a doctor must be consulted. 

Nipple Discharge and Cancer: 

The early stage of breast cancer starts with the milk ducts and nipple dischargeNipple discharge can also be due to the rare breast disease name as Paget’s disease, and it involves nipple into it. The symptoms must be identified to have the correct treatment of nipple discharge; otherwise, it can grow to a serious health issue like Paget’s disease of breast a rare type of breast cancer. 

In cancer, the nipple discharge is rarely observed under the patients. From research, it is said that women aging more than 50 years old can suffer from nipple discharge that can result in breast cancer in the future days. It is better to consult the doctor if any of the symptoms are observed, as it is very harmful to the body. 

Control Nipple Discharge:

One can control the discharge with the proper dosage of prescribed medicines that will help to control the flow of discharge. The health reports will help to identify the reason behind the nipple discharge

There can be several reasons behind this health issue that should not be neglected by women. It is generally found in 30+ aged women who undergo treatment after the identification of reason about the nipple discharge

Diagnosis and Treatment of Nipple Discharge:

The next immediate step after the nipple discharge must be consultation of doctor, which would help to identify the health condition of the respective women. Dr Shilpy Dolas do proper examination and advise certain investigations accordingly  to rule out breast cancer for Nipple Discharge Treatment in Pune.

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