What is Cosmetic Surgery?

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What is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic Surgery is a procedure that enhances one’s physical or aesthetic appearance. The main goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve your appearance, which in turn boosts your self-confidence. A person’s physical appearance plays an important role in building his or her confidence.

Cosmetic surgery helps to look your best and feel great about yourself. You can find eminent surgeons who are skilled in performing effective cosmetic Surgery in Pune. 

Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

Improves self-confidence – A person’s appearance plays a crucial role in improving self-esteem. Through cosmetic surgery, you can achieve your desired appearance, thus improving your self-confidence. It improves your psychological ability, as well. 

Enhances physical appearance – Cosmetic surgery procedures are performed on your face and body. It beautifies your physical appearance and imparts you an improved version of yourself.

Improves Physical Health – Liposuction is a procedure of cosmetic surgery that involves fat reduction from specific parts of the body. It helps a person to be more physically active and even reduces the risk of problems, including heart disease, diabetes, and increased blood pressure. 

Different types of Cosmetic Surgeries 

We provide you with useful and relevant information about Cosmetic Surgery. Here you can know about the trends in cosmetic surgery. The most common cosmetic surgery procedures include face surgeries, breast enhancement, body contouring, which involves liposuction and tummy tuck.

Facial Contouring (Chin, Cheek, and Rhinoplasty)

Chin surgery, known as Mentoplasty, involves the procedure to reshape the chin and add more definition to your jawline. In men, it is done to give a stronger and masculine look, whereas in women, it is done for a softer and feminine look.

Cheek augmentation involves the procedure of reshaping the cheek structure to uplift your cheekbones. It adds volume to your cheeks.

Rhinoplasty, known as a nose job, involves the procedure of reshaping a person’s nose to improve the appearance. It enhances breathing problems as well. You can find one of the best techniques for cosmetic Surgery in Pune.

Breast Enhancement (Lift, Reduction, and Augmentation)


Breast Lift, also known as Mastopexy involves the procedure of removing excess skin and tissues to make the breasts smaller. The remaining breast tissue is rearranged to lift the breasts.

Breast augmentation, or enlargement, involves placing saline or silicone gel prosthetics into the breast to enhance its shape, size, and volume. 

Breast reduction involves the procedure of removing excess fat or skin from the breasts. It eases the physical discomfort caused due to large breasts and even improves your self-image. Dr. Shilpy Dolas is one of the best experts for cosmetic breast surgery in Pune.

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