What is Plastic Surgery?

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Plastic surgery is a procedure which involves the repair and reconstruction of damaged tissues, or correction of facial and body defects. The defects may be due to extensive burns, injury, disease, trauma, or birth disorders.


The different types of plastic surgery procedures include breast augmentation implant, burn repair surgery, hand surgery, breast reconstruction, scar revision surgery, congenital defect repair (cleft palate, extremity defect repair), and lower extremity reconstruction.


What are the techniques used for plastic surgery?


The main techniques used for plastic surgery include:


Skin grafts – In this technique, the doctor removes healthy skin from an unaffected area of the body and uses it to repair the damaged skin. Skin grafts are used to cure broader and deeper wounds, including surgery for skin cancer, burns, injuries that are too deep to heal on their own, blisters, or skin damage from a severe skin infection.


Skin flap surgery – This is a type of surgery that involves the transfer of a piece of tissue, along with the blood vessels from one part of the body to another, which may be wounded. The piece of tissue or the skin flap comprises of skin, fat, and muscle. The advantage of this surgery is that the healthy tissue usually remains intact partially to the area during its transfer.


However, sometimes the blood vessels are surgically reconnected when a skin flap is moved to a new site. This is known as a free flap.


Tissue expansion – In this technique, adjoining tissue is stretched so that the body can grow extra skin. The extra skin is then used to reconstruct the nearby area. This surgery is well established for breast enhancement, reconstruction and reshaping breast defects


Fat transfer or grafting – This technique involves the removal of unwanted fat from a particular area and its insertion in another area. It is mainly done to correct the unevenness of fat in different areas like Gynecomastia or male breast enlargement correction.  

There are various methods used by plastic surgeons, including vacuum closure, prosthetic devices, such as artificial limbs, and camouflage make-up or cream.


Availability of Plastic Surgery


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