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What is Nipple Discharge?

Nipple Discharge is referred to as fluid coming out through the nipple. Nipple Discharge is commonly seen during the pregnancy term, but it is less common in women who are not pregnant. Having a discharge is not a serious problem. But if the flow is on the higher sides it is suggested to visit a Breast Surgeon in Pune. In men, if the discharge is seen under any conditions, they need to be evaluated on a priority basis. 

Discharge can be seen in either one or both breasts. It can be spontaneous or when squeezed. The color of the discharge may look milky, transparent, yellow, green, brown, or even blood in it. 

The proportion of nipple discharge can differ, it can be thick and sticky, or else it can be thin and watery.

What is the Nipple Discharge? - Dr. Shilpy Dolas

Types and Symptoms of Nipple Discharge:

Let’s read the below chart to understand what the discharge color has to say about the problem.


Possible cause

white, yellow, or filled with pus

an infection of the breast or nipple




blocked milk duct


breast cancer, especially if it’s only coming from one breast

Blood in discharge

papilloma or breast cancer

The green, transparent, brown, and bloody nipple discharge which is coming spontaneously from one side has got higher chances of some problem in the breast. So needs to be evaluated for pre-cancerous, cancerous lesions. As it is an indication that something is going wrong within. Remember; do not neglect spontaneous single side nipple discharge.

Textures of discharge can be:




Other symptoms you might notice with nipple discharge are:

  • breast pain or tenderness
  • lump or swelling in the breast or around the nipple area
  • changes in the nipple, like turning inward, dimpling, change in color, itching, or scaling of the skin.
  • redness
  • change in breast size, for eg: one breast is larger, or one is small
  • missed periods
  • nausea or vomiting

What are the causes of Nipple discharge? 

There are several causes related to nipple discharge. The intake of birth control pills can also cause nipple discharge; breast infections can also cause nipple discharge. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding can suffer from nipple discharge as it’s a common event for them, nothing serious about it. Anyone who has breast cancer can have nipple discharge for which a breast cancer specialist must be consulted. 

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