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Breast pain in women

Breast Pain

Overview About Breast Pain In Women Mastalgia is also called Breast pain which can be related to tightness, tenderness, throbbing, sharp, stabbing, burning pain in...

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What are the Breast Cancer Surgery Options? | Dr. Shilpy Dolas

Breast Cancer Surgery Options

How can surgery help in dealing with Breast Cancer? Women suffering from breast cancer have to undergo some type of surgery as a part of...

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Breast Pain: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment | Dr. Shilpy Dolas

Breast Pain

Breast Pain: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment Pain in breasts is a common issue, especially in younger women. Breast pain is known by many names like...

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Nipple discharge | Causes and Symptoms | Dr. Dolas

What is the Nipple Discharge?

What is Nipple Discharge? Nipple Discharge is referred to as fluid coming out through the nipple. Nipple Discharge is commonly seen during the pregnancy term,...

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Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer | Dr. Shilpy Dolas

Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer

Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Some women inherit mutational changes from certain genes that risk them of breast cancer. In such a case, genetic testing...

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Breast Cancer Diet

Breast Cancer Diet

Breast Cancer Diet Having a healthy lifestyle along with a healthy diet is worthwhile and there should not any compromises in it. The key factors...

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