Breast Implant in Pune

What is Breast Implant -Do you know about Breast implant in Pune​? 

The Breast implant in Pune is done by Specialist .In the view of breast augmentation or breast enhancement first we should discuss about what is breast implant. Breasts are a defining peculiarly of a women’s body that signifies her femininity, sexuality, and beauty. When the breast size and shape does not match with the rest of the body or are too small in shape, it can have an intense impact on a women’s self-confidence.

Dr. Shilpy Dolas
is an expert in breast enlargement surgery and routinely does Breast implant in Pune. Fortunately, breast implant is available to enhance the natural appearance of the feminine breasts, creating curves and more aesthetically pleasing shape.

In a view of Breast implant in Pune Dr. Shilpy Dolas breast surgeon explains that breast implant is a procedure used to change the shape, size, and outline of a person’s breast. It is usually performed by women to uplift the breast size and feel.

At Heart and Breast Clinic Breast Implant Surgery is done by certified and expert professional Dr. Shilpy Dolas. Breast implants are placed to give a natural look to the breast following a mastectomy or to correct fundamental defects and disfigurements of the chest wall. Through breast implant surgery, the appearance of breasts seems to be enlarged. 


The Breast implant in Pune surgery is done in a hospital by Dr Shilpy Dolas who is an expert of breast enlargement surgeries.

What will the breast implant do? 

Breast implants helps to –

  1. Enlarge small breasts.
  2. Helps even up asymmetric breasts.
  3. Enhance appearance and boost self-confidence.
  4. Restore breast volume lost due to weight loss or after pregnancy.
  5. Reconstruct the breast shape after mastectomy or any injury or trauma.

Which implant is right for me?

Breast implant in Pune specialist is Dr Shilpy Dolas. To decide which implant is right for you, breast surgeons first discuss your goals of implant, like a natural shape or subtle increase. After that, a careful physical examination is performed and then the perfect breast implant shape and size is decide

Who is an ideal candidate for Breast Implant or Enlargement surgery?

Breast augmentation is an ideal option for individuals who are seeking for Breast Implant in Pune Should Be:


  1. Physically healthy.
  2. Above 18 years of age.
  3. breasts are fully developed.
  4. One of both breasts failed to develop naturally.
  5. Bothered about the appearance of small looking breasts
  6. Dissatisfied with their sagging and loose breast shape lost after weight loss, aging, and pregnancy
  7. It can also be used in congenitally small breasts or for correction of breast asymmetries.

What precautions must be taken before Breast Implant Surgery?

  1. Stop smoking and alcohol consumption.
  2. Stop consumption of blood-thinning medications and herbal supplements for about 2-4 weeks prior to the treatment.
  3. Try to manage body weight and be as fit as possible before surgery.
  4. One must provide complete information about their medical history and any type of allergies during the consultation period.

What is the cost of Breast Implant Surgery in Pune?

The average cost of breast implants is approx. Rs 75000 to 1 lakh. The total cost of surgery goes up to 2 – 3 Lakh. This cost includes surgeon fee, laboratory fee, anesthesia fee, prescribed medicines, cost of implants etc.

What are types of breast implants?

An implant is a sac filled with saline water also called sterile saltwater with a material called silicone.

There are 4 different types of implants used for breast implantation process: 

What are the types of process available in breast implant surgery?

There are three processes of breasts implants for placement:

  1. Primary reconstruction: It replaces the breast tissues which are damaged by trauma, and there is no development in anatomic. 
  2. Revision and reconstruction: It revises the results of any previously done reconstruction surgery.
  3. Primary augmentation: It helps in changing the form, size, shape and feel of the breasts.

The procedure selected determines the operating room time for breast reconstruction and breast augmentation surgery.

What care should be taken after the procedure?

There can be swelling and soreness for few weeks post- surgery. It can also have bruising. You can also see scars but they will fade over time. While healing from surgery it might help you if you wear an compression bandage or a sports bra for extra support and positioning of the breast implants. Dr. Shilpy Dolas will provide you with necessary instructions about when and how to start your daily activities.  

Some of the aftercare tips of breast implant surgery are-

  1. Take some rest : Take rest and do not lift heavy weights or carry out strenuous tasks for a few weeks after the surgery.
  2. Pain management: You are likely to feel pain and tightness around your chest, for which you will be prescribed certain pain-relieving medications to help you overcome the pain and discomfort.
  3. Hydrate yourself and consume plenty of healthy food

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