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Breast Augmentation in Pune

Enhance your looks with breast augmentation (also called  breast enlargement) 

Breast augmentation is a kind of surgery, which helps in enlarging the breast size. The alternative name of breast augmentation surgery is augmentation mammoplasty. In breast augmentation surgery, it includes the breast implants under the chest muscles and breast tissues. Dr. Shilpy Dolas is a certified and expert Lady Breast Surgeon and Cosmetic breast Surgeon trained for Breast Augmentation in Pune.

Many women are thinking of taking a step towards breast augmentation to make their appearance better. Besides this, many women felt confident after under going the surgery. If you are also one of them who are thinking of pursuing breast augmentation surgery, then is for you. Further we are going to discuss about the surgery, its benefits, and a few different things about it. So let’s get started.


What is the necessity of breast augmentation for some women?

Breast augmentation has become very famous among women to make their appearance look better. Dr Shilpy Dolas is one of the best breast enlargement doctor for best breast augmentation in pune. There are many reasons  which help in letting you know that, why it is done.

  • Many women feel unconfident and little hesitant due to the small breast size. Many of the women undergo breast implants to enhance their appearance after getting a more extensive breast.
  • After pregnancy, many women feel a reduction in the size of their breasts. If the women undergo breast augmentation surgery, then it will help in making the breast size larger.
  • Women undergo breast augmentation surgery because they want to fix the uneven breast size with the help of it.
  • The most common reason to get this surgery done is that there are many women who still feel unconfident or shy due to the small size of their breast. With the help of the breast augmentation surgery in pune, it will help them in improving their self-confidence.

What are the risk factors associated with breast augmentation surgery?

With every cosmetic surgery, there are a few risks associated. In this case, they are-

  1. Breast Pain 
  2. Implant leakage 
  3. Contracture change in nipple sensation 
  4. Implant rejection after the surgery is completed.

After reading the above details,  we are sure you would like to get your breast enhanced and give them an Aesthetic look. 

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