Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Pune

Women who undergo surgery for breast cancer treatment may select Breast Reconstruction Specialist in Pune for breast reconstruction surgery to reshape the look of the breast. In the treatment of breast cancer, often partial or total removal of one or both breasts is involved. The procedure is called a mastectomy. Breast reconstruction surgery can take place after mastectomy to reduce the subjective impact of the procedure. Breast Reconstruction Specialist in Pune Dr Dolas is an expert in post mastectomy reshaping of breast.

The procedure can help a person to regain its self-confidence after breast cancer surgery.  Dr. Shilpy Dolas is one of the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Pune, and she is well known for performing Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Pune.

Breast Reconstruction Specialist in Pune

The basic goal of breast reconstruction surgery is to reshape or reform the breasts after undergoing mastectomy or lumpectomy.

In a mastectomy, the entire breast including the nipple and areola are removed by a surgeon to treat or prevent breast cancer.

In a lumpectomy, the breast section that contains a tumor is removed

Breast reconstruction surgery in Pune | Dr. Shilpy Dolas

Surgery for Small Breast Treatment- 

Augmentation Treatment:

Nowadays, one can have small breast treatment as it is becoming popular at present. One of the popular small breast treatments is augmentation with or without breast lift, which is generally done by the silicone or saline implant.

The implant undergoes several impairing of the muscle group and breast tissue that are directly under the main breast tissues. The procedure of breast augmentation is considered as an outpatient procedure, which is generally performed under the surgical center or in a hospital under the guidance of surgery doctors or physicians.

General anesthesia is given to the patients under the process of surgery of small breasts. But before the treatment of small breasts, it is important to consult the plastic surgeon to discuss the treatment and other results through this.

It will work as an opportunity to discuss the optimal breast size that is required to be maintained by the women. The surgeon will record all the measurements and will also discuss the breast size and the incision placement, which would consist of risk and other critical complications during the surgery.

Information for Discussion: 

With the proper requirement of the desired cleavage and profile change, one can discuss the requirements with the plastic surgeon to clarify their needs completely for the treatment. One of the reasons for augmentation surgeries is that the patients are not happy with the small breast treatment, so it is important to have an honest discussion about the requirement of size options from the surgery.

The breast implants can have saline or silicone as the outer shell is made up of silicone. Most of the surgeons prefer these two in the process of implantation or the treatment of small breast.

Processing of the Treatment: 

The consulted surgeon discusses the size and the number of incisions that are going to be used in the surgery. There are several ways to insert the implants and to hide the scares, all the ways are discussed with the patient with all the advantages and drawbacks. It helps the patient to select the correct way for themselves in which they are comfortable. Every time, small breast treatment does not only imply the breast incisions.


No matter what might be the approach be, physicians always recommend the correct possible way to their patients after hearing their requirements. Patients should ask for the complication rate of the surgery to make sure about the appropriate way of treatment that they will be going through.

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