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Most frequent questions and answers

Breast surgery is reshaping the shape and size of the breast they are comfortable with. This helps them to increase their body structure and self-confidence. It is a safe procedure done by many ISAPS surgeons all over the world. Surgeons place the silicone as an implant under the breast tissue or chest muscle.

Advantages of Breast Surgery


  • Adds Volume and Curves


Some women are born with small breasts. Having surgery means that you look fit and attractive

  • Increase self-confidence

Those who are unhappy with their appearance can make them feel more self-esteemed

  • Rebuild after pregnancy

Most of the mothers end up having saggy breasts after born of a baby. Surgery will make them look more youthful and symmetrical

  • Surgery for Cancer

Breast Surgery helps to remove as much cancer as possible to relieve symptoms of advanced cancer.

The success rate is the main concern of patients in today’s world. While the majority of patients reveals that they are satisfied with the results and the score expressed by patients is 9 out of 10 on the scoreboard. The aesthetic satisfaction is what people concern for and therefore least complications and the surgical scar is the focus. The simpler the procedure is, the more people will opt for it. Medical history is another important factor of concern and all these should be revealed to your doctor.

There are a lot of benefits of considering breast surgery, it not only reshapes your bust line but also enhances your figure and feminine look. Women who underwent pregnancy, weight loss or whose breasts are not symmetrical can go for this surgery and get back to shape. A good shape will enhance your self-confidence and you will feel more relaxed.

The longevity of breast surgery depends on the procedure and various other factors such as aftercare, surgeon operating the surgery, age of the patient, etc. All these factors will determine the lifespan of the surgery. Breast surgery is one of the most popular surgeries in the world. Various types of breast surgery involve Breast reduction surgery, mastectomy, lumpectomy, augmentation mammoplasty, Breast-conserving surgery, Breast lift surgery or mastopexy. 

Breast augmentation is not permanent; however, the results last for several years. Breast implants are basically of two types saline and silicone-based. Silicone implants are filled with a viscous gel-based thing which makes your breast look more natural. Breast implants last more than 10-20 years or even longer in certain cases. The replacement is required as the implant gradually wears off due to the natural movement of the body. It is very important to take proper care after every surgery.

Many women have gone through successful breast implant surgeries and are leading normal lifestyles like any other women and they have even forgotten about the surgery. It is very difficult to detect whether you have done breast implant surgery or not.  Also, the FDA has tested that after a woman had gone through surgery, there was no change in the appearance and shape of the area by which it can be detected. There might be some swellings and tightness at the beginning but it gets normal after a few days. So, don’t panic if you have gone through breast implants and if you wish to do so, go for it.

There is a very slight chance of breast implant surgery failure. Generally, expert plastic surgeons only have the permit to operate breast implant surgery. In case you have a failure in breast implant surgery, you can go for reconstruction surgery. The surgery is done in a step by step process to achieve the best results. The surgeon’s go for more than one revision to get the best cosmetic results and also the shape and the symmetry. Reconstruction surgery mainly depends on the severance of deformity and follows through some procedures which include breast re-shaping, scar revision, re-shaping of the donor site and also is checked for further reconstructive processes. In the case of breast surgery failure, there is so advanced technology to make-up the wrongs that you don’t need to think twice before going through the surgery. It is an absolutely safe process.

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