7 Alarming signs you need breast reduction

August 30, 2021 Dr. Shilpy Dolas No comments exist

There are a variety of reasons that women need breast reduction surgery. Chronic aches, pain and discomfort, emotional discomfort and stress are a few of them. Breast reduction surgery can help to get rid of these problems. You should talk with your breast cosmetic surgeon about whether to go for breast reduction surgery or not.

Let us see what are the signs and symptoms that you need breast reduction surgery.   

  • Back, neck and shoulder pain: Women with larger breasts often face back, neck and shoulder pain problems due to the increased weight of breasts. Such women can consider breast reduction surgery.
  •  If breasts seem to be out of proportion to the rest of your body and affecting your posture adversely, then breast reduction surgery can help to improve your posture.
  • Breasts droop due to the excess weight causing your nipples and areolas to point downwards.
  • Constant rashes, yeast infections, and other irritations in the skin under breasts.
  • Feeling psychological distress due to the size of breasts.
  • Having difficulty in running, walking, swimming, and other physical activities.
  • Having numbness in the hands and loss of nipple sensation.

Making The Decision About Surgery

Candidates with any of the above conditions can think about breast reduction surgery, with proper consultation from a breast surgeon. Breast reduction not only alleviate these issues, but it will enhance your overall body posture. For more details about breast reduction surgery, call Dr. Shilpy Dolas, the best breast surgeon in Pune.


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